Supercharge Your Sales & Marketing Pipeline

Rev Up Your Sales & Marketing with our 100% Human Verified Custom Databases. Drive Results with Hyper-Targeted, Precision Marketing and Accelerate Your Business Growth.

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Hyper-Targeted Marketing & Sales Solutions to Propel Your Business Forward

Unleash the Potential of Data-Driven Strategies for Unparalleled Sales and Marketing Success

Boost Your Pipeline with High-Quality Leads

Accelerate your sales engine with our high-quality, targeted leads. Say goodbye to cold calling and hello to more closed deals

Get Your Top-Tier Target Accounts

Unlock the power of precision targeting and reach your ideal customers effortlessly. Our top-tier targeting services help you identify and engage the prospects that matter most to your business

Unlock Precise Insights & News

Stay ahead of the game and never miss an opportunity with real-time updates on market trends, competitors, and prospects. We keep you informed of job changes and relevant information related to your business.

Empowering Over 600+ Satisfied Customers in the Past 6 Years with 7500+ Successfully Executed Projects

Trusted by startups and world leading companies

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A dedicated team for your Hyper-Targeted Sales & Marketing Campaigns

Experience Personalized Solutions Designed for Your Business Needs. Let Our Expert Team Empower Your Sales and Marketing Efforts with Hyper-Targeted Data

Meet our small team that make your project easier

40+ Engineers to attend all your needs 70% of our team are women 93% of our team members speaks 4+ languages and had experiences abroad.

Erij Atallah
Chief Technical Officer

Imane was most recently VP of Engineering at Sycamore Tech and has worked for decades in various leadership positions in Energy and Technology.

Dris Fessy

After graduation in Mechanical Eng. (M.Sc.) Dris worked as Lead Engineer for various companies such as the US Treasury & Dytech

Dalila Charif
Project Leader

Dalinda has 10+ years in project management in real estate and leisure industries. She has managed 1000+ scraping projects for Nyx.

Joseph Fessy
Compliance Officer

Joseph graduated from Dauphine University in Paris and is in charge of ensuring the projects' compliance with applicable laws GRPR, CCPA..

Bochra Aidi-Leguet
International HR

Bochra helps Nyx to identify and sources promising talents on critical functions. 93% of our team members speaks 5+ languages and had experiences abroad.

Matthew Khalil
Chief Sales Officer

Matt is in charge of developing our international market and helping marketing teams to expand our presence overseas.

Master the data with a state-of-the-art custom scraping service

In a world of a million customer touch points and interactions, we deliver a unique, unified view into your customers’ minds and needs.

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Because we believe you must feel confident

Data Protection is our priority

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